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Driving and Loading a Van

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For many people who get a van rental in Ireland from Car Rental, it will be their first time either driving a van or loading a van. The following document is meant as a guideline to introduce you to the art of packing a van correctly, and what to be aware of when driving a van.

Loading a Van

When loading a van it is always best to take care, as careful packing will both save space and protect your valuables during the move. Cardboard, blankets, newspaper, cushions, pillows and bubble wrap are ideal to pad any areas of the van you are worried about, and to stop the possible movement of the boxes during the journey.

It is best to load the bigger and heavier items first and place them against the front wall. Load sofas or chairs on end, in the right or left corners of the front wall of the trailer and secure them in place with large heavy boxes or heavy appliances. Pack boxes and smaller independent items around them to both use up space and secure them against movement during the journey. Most vans have sliding doors which are handy for both the movement and placement of these bigger items. If you are loading things you will definitely need at the other end of the journey, load them lastly for easier access.

Driving a Van

For many people, when they rent the van from van rental, it will be their first experience of driving such a vehicle. Driving a van is different from driving a car on a number of fronts, you will have no rear view mirror and you will be sitting up much higher in the vehicle. The other most notable point of driving a van is that it is much longer than regular road going cars, and as such care must be taken when driving around corners or reversing.

When taking a corner or bend, you must swing much wider than you would in a car. You must be careful to look out for motorbikes and cyclists who see you go wide around the corner. It is also very important to take corners at a much slower speed than you would in a car. The vans centre of gravity is much higher than a regular car, and you don’t want your full van tilting of leaning and disturbing your well packed cargo.