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Getting a new house or moving to a new neighbourhood is a very positive change in anybody's life. Though changes are good they can also be a very stressful job based on the amount of work you need to do for the actual move. It starts with finding a new place, and then there is the paperwork. But the most stressful part is focused around the actual moving. You can almost have a panic attack thinking…How will I manage this alone? How will I manage all the boxes? How to ensure that nothing breaks?

Packing, unpacking and arranging an entire household can cause all sorts of stress. But the good thing about it is neither you are the first nor you will be last to have handled this stress. Thus there are already experts out there who can help to minimise the stress levels.

So while you're checking the list of all plausible moving partners you can choose from and we are hoping that it's us, but all that's secondary. We know that something like moving house has so many dynamic parts, the best you can do is plan ahead and let our experts help you plan well.

Our experts at Van Rental Ireland have come up with a set of thumb rules to help you plan & prioritize –

A Month Prior

  • Contact your post office and arrange mail forwarding.
  • Arrange van rental from Van Rental Ireland
  • File important documents and put in a safe location.
  • Estimate the number of boxes based on your rooms and rent them from local moving companies.
  • Prepare labels and assign numbers to all boxes. It is good to pack items in the same box that belong together like books, kitchen, curtains and cushions, Tim’s room, Sarah’s toy’s.
  • Use curtains and cushions around all things that are breakable. You can also get bubble wrap if possible.
  • Start packing items that you do not need on a regular basis or that are small and may need special attention in advance. This will help you to have more time on moving day.
  • Inform your change of mailing address to insurance, banks or anyone who corresponds to you at your residential address.

A Week Prior

  • Utility companies needs to be informed about your new address so the transfer of service can be organised and all utilities are up and running with in the shortest possible time.
  • Arrange help from family and friends.
  • Use up foods that do not travel well. Maybe organising a get together or final meal with family and friends.
  • Start packing all knick knacks ahead of time. Pack things that are very important to you. This way the moving day is left for packing only bigger items or things that have been used up until the last minute.

On the Day

  • Pack one room at a time. This way all things that belong together will be packed together.
  • Delegate and distribute work.
  • Prepare a checklist that you can compare at both times of loading and unloading.
  • Load van and start moving as early as possible.
  • Compare the boxes by the numbers mentioned in the checklist at both times i.e. during moving out and moving in.
  • Move the boxes directly to the room where they are meant for
  • Get the heavier things like sofa, duvet, and bed, piano placed in the rooms they are meant for.
  • Ensure everything has arrived.
  • Double check your old house is empty and ready for the new people to move into.

While the tips mentioned above are found all over the internet, we didn't just want you to run pillar and post, neither for suggestions nor for solutions. Still having doubts? Connect to our experts and let us help you out.