One Time Rental

One time van rentals

One Time Rental

A year is filled with times when you may find yourself in charge of doing something really important and equally big. It could be something like Christmas or a family picnic or a weekend and you need to move around a lot of things. While everybody may have a suggestion of how to do things in a better or smarter way, but the real problems are faced when you are doing it first-hand.

When all the work starts piling up in your head and all the suggestions that have been freely handed over to you, it is when you start doubting yourself. The most common doubts that may cloud your thoughts are -

  • How will i fit everything in my car
  • Should I ask friends and family for their cars as well
  • What if I miss something? What if there some better way of doing this?

We can assure you that your doubts are completely natural for someone who is working for the very first time but we can also assure you that what seems very tedious is not that tough. We at Van Rental Ireland believe that a moving solution just for a day, short term or long term over any distance is very much possible and can be simplified, if you are –

  • Planning ahead
  • Taking all the details into account
  • And keeping an open mind

So while you worry less, experts at Van Rental Ireland share master strokes to plan your one-time moving needs.

When the occasion has been decided

  • Make a list of items you need.
  • Split the list between things that can go bad and those that won’t.
  • Sort the items that can be packed ahead of time.
  • Mark the items that will be only available up until the very last moment or on the moving day.
  • Group items that could be packed together.
  • Make a rough estimate of the containers required.

Once the date has been finalised

  • Look for packaging rentals and pack ahead if possible.
  • Look for a van that fulfils your need. This includes fitting your entire load and the one you can drive.
  • Pre-order items that need to be collected on the day of the movement.
  • Plan your pick up route properly so that you do not end up going back and forth along the same route.
  • Create a timeline for pickups and inform the store of the possible time.
  • Plan an early start and stick to the schedule as much as possible.

On the day

  • Start loading the packed goods.
  • Softer items that could get easily squished, place them at the top.
  • Pack things like a picnic table and chairs along the sides so they do not take up much space.
  • Call the stores ahead and inform them when you are coming down for pickup of the ordered items.
  • Try to keep your schedule, but don’t get too worked up if some changes need to be made.
  • Once all the pick-ups are done, drive safely, as you may feel that the weight of the van may be a bit more than what you are used to.
  • Adjust your speed as you need to get used to side view mirror
  • It’s always better to have someone to drive with you, in case you need to switch.
  • At stop overs, park as per guidelines and check whether the van is good to go for the rest of journey.
  • Once you reach the destination, unload your items and cross your checklist
  • And the last and most important thing is – HAVE A BLAST!!!

Still having doubts? Well leave the worries to our experts and let us guide you. Call and connect to our experts at Van Rental Ireland.