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It is always good to experience growth or surge of your business that you have been working hard for. And with growth comes various opportunities to do things differently and do things better. If you just want to change the way your business is envisioned or may be your lease will end shortly and you have decided to move on to a new location. Whatever your reason may be, moving an office is challenge that may seem not so big initially but could end up being the thing that causes the most hassle.

How does office movement impact your business?

Your current location has become an identity for all those who are doing business with you on a regular basis. So be it your employees or maintenance staff or the regular lunch or take out place or the delivery guys. Everybody has come to know you well and try to do things the way you like best. A new establishment means you will need time for things to start working efficiently on a day to day basis. You would also need time to establish new relationships, get to know your new surroundings or how things are in the area. You would also need to ensure that all your customers get impacted minimally with any movement that you make. Thus office movement cannot be labeled as just another movement. But that does not mean it has to be tough or it should stop your business from functioning properly.

Few basics about Office Movement

As a business, when you are planning your office movement plans should -

  • Cover your needs end to end.
  • Be cost and time effective. With labour costs taken into consideration it is one of most important things.
  • Help you start functioning as per usual in shortest possible time.
  • Clients, vendors, stakeholders are informed the exact timelines from when you will not be available to when you start business again.
  • Meet the deadlines that you have been set and communicated.

We do not believe that a movement can be single step. We believe that it is more of a well-planned, timely executed and properly managed number of small steps that can make it successful. Below we've laid out tips to make your move quick, cost effective and have you up and running as per usual ASAP. Once you've finalised the date and informed your employees here's what you should do –

A Week Prior

  • Print labels for all the staff with their names, employee id and contact number for packaging and equipment.
  • For setup of specific items like conference room equipment, printers etc. Create labels, marking where they are meant to go.
  • All things that belong to the same unit should be marked similarly like computer monitors, keyboards, mouse, CPU, handset that belongs to one member of staff.
  • Pack things if they are not currently being used. Pack things as soon they are finished being used for the week. This will ensure that on the day of movement you are left with only those items that were used last.
  • Create backups of any important software or files making you prepared for any accidental hardware crash.
  • Encourage staff to create checklist for their cartons and equipment.
  • Purchase insurance for items that have considerable value.

On the day of the Move –

  • Set call diverts or automated message for all calls to your office number specifying the reason for non-availability, possible downtime and new address properly.
  • All staff should set out of office message for the particular day with details when the member will be able to respond.
  • All staff should pack things on their desk in cartons and label them and tick them as packed in the checklist.
  • Label all office furniture and move these first.
  • Ask a few staff members to reach the location beforehand so that they can receive items as per the checklist shared.
  • Filling cabinets can be moved in ‘as is where is’ basis.
  • Cartons should be marked and loaded and unloaded as per checklist.
  • Ensure that the vans start moving as soon as possible.
  • Check and confirm that nothing is left behind.

Setting up the office –

  • Staff should start unpacking their own containers and set up their assigned desks.
  • Electronic equipment should be checked to confirm that they are running properly.
  • Telephones should be set up so that staff can start taking calls from customers and vendors.
  • Make a list of damaged goods so that you can ensure a hassle free insurance.
  • Send out – “We are back in business” emails to all official contacts mentioning exceptions and alternatives, if any.

We know the challenges of running a business, and thus we want minimize yours while movement. Our experts at Van Rental Ireland can help you out with solutions so that you can concentrate on your business, your staff and your clients. Call us on +353 1 8441944 or drop your queries and concerns on our contact page and let us get back to you at the earliest.